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When the fisherman encounters a large fish that he is unable to get out of the water with just his fishing rod, the use of the Peskako trap will prove invaluable.
Peskako, comprised of two rings connected by two axes, is easily assembled in one single movement, blocking it in a matter of seconds.
Peskako is easily inserted on the nylon fishing line when the going gets tough.
This feature allows the Peskako, guided by means of a string, to slide along the line down to the fish.
The lower ring has multiple tilting teeth and catches the fish. The upper ring apart from serving as a guide along the line also prevents the fish from escaping from the trap.

 This model has the following advantages:
 - It can be folded so it has very little volume.
 - Light: 380 gr.
 - Will not rust.
 - Great efficiency as it made up of an "upper ring" that prevents the fish from getting out of the trap.
 - Great efficiency given that it is fitted with a large number of couplings that ensure capturing the fish.
- The “PESKAKO TRAP" is easily assembled and folded.

  - Easily fitted along the line: A system that prevents the “PESKAKO TRAP “from coming off the line during use.


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